2018 NSF Summit: Software Engineering Guide for NSF Science

A half-day training run at the 2018 NSF Cybersecurity Summit introducing the Software Engineering Guide work by TrustedCI.

The slides from this presentation are available in several formats1:

Additional Reading

Referred to during the talk

  • The Mythical Man Month is Fred Brooks' classic work on running software teams. Originally railing against the problems of HR or upper management treating software engineers as interchangeable, or trying to save failing projects by throwing more developers at them, it's become an important work to know in terms of how to build a team capable of engineering rigor.

  • Security Exercises this is a free-to-you reprint of a July 2016 issue of my LinuxJournal column "Under the Sink", where I gave a crash course in running information security exercises, getting buy-in for them within an organization, and making them useful to the evolution of your information security program. Much of this could be generalized to any kind of disaster preparedness.


  1. This deck is publicly forkable and licensed CC-by-sa. Please enjoy using and sharing it.