Work With Me

Areas Of Interest

I’m more likely to take on projects that doevetail with my existing focus areas, especially:

  • Securing research and development, or anything that is fast-moving or an edge case.
  • The security of critical infrastructure, systems and software.
  • Teaching the Information Security Practice Principles, and other techniques and mental models to help security practitioners get better at what we do.
  • Building better, more effective security teams in organizations that don’t yet have a high level of infosec program and practice maturity.

I’m happy to discuss collaborations of various shapes and sizes (whether short or long-term) as well as corporate or non-profit board positions. Most of what I like best is a little bit different and/or challenging, so if you aren’t sure, ask.


You can find information on some of my past talks and trainings here. Feel free to contact me with other requests.

Other Projects

Most of my work is done through my role at IU CACR, which provides more flexibility than a research center would normally imply. I won’t try to provide an exhaustive list of the things I’m interested in doing, because it’s the edge cases and the odd projects that are most attractive to me. Contact me with a short summary so that we can establish mutual interest, and we can work from there.

I’m happy to talk a bit and let you get to know me, or answer specific questions, but please don’t ask me to email a copy of my CV or other details you could have found on the page you probably got here from. My primary contact with your organization should speak fluent English so that we can communicate effectively.

I do occasionally take side projects outside of IU CACR as well.

If You Have a Start-Up

No, I don’t want to be your co-founder. I don’t care how awesome your idea is, I have things I need to finish right now that preclude me from going all-in on building a company from scratch.

I may consider advisor roles or board membership, however. If you want me to consider advising your start-up, go ahead and contact me, preferably heavy on details. If I have to watch a video to find out what your startup does, you don’t respect my time.

Susan E. Sons

Susan E. Sons is a passionate and experienced information security leader who enjoys moving across verticals, down into the weeds, and up to the sky-view to see what others don’t, build unusually effective information security teams and programs, and help mature the field.