Dear teachers…

If you’re within my easy travel radius (generally a day trip driving from Bloomington, IN), I’d be happy to schedule a time to come talk to your classes, for free. My mother is a retired schoolteacher, and I have a special place in my heart for K-12, especially in low-resource districts like the one I came from.

Some of my more frequent themes when talking to students are:

  • Information security careers, or STEM careers more generally
  • Internet safety and privacy
  • How to build a great career when you come from an isolated or poor area
  • Rules vs. guidelines…how to win at life

I enjoy using some of the crazy things I’ve done–including hostage negotiation, volunteer search-and-rescue, and working at the edge of the information security field with volcano-top research stations and undersea drones–to inspire. I also love bringing some sober experience to things like career planning and internet safety where kids, especially poor kids, are often hemmed in by FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) from social media and mainsteam news. I love passing on hard-won lessons and making them as approachable as possible.

Contact me if I can help.

Susan E. Sons

Susan E. Sons is a passionate and experienced information security leader who enjoys moving across verticals, down into the weeds, and up to the sky-view to see what others don’t, build unusually effective information security teams and programs, and help mature the field.