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Susan Sons is a hacker, martial artist, and instigator living in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. As Chief Security Analyst for IU CACR, she secures underwater drones, volcano-top telescopes, networks of high-throughput compute clusters, and critical infrastructure. Susan is also Hacker-in-Chief of [ICEI], where she tilts and windmills and works to secure and support the software infrastructure the internet depends on.

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Susan Sons serves as the Chief Security Analyst at IU's Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, where she specializes in secure software engineering, ICS/SCADA securit, security of edge-case R&D assets and workflows, as well as securing critical software and infrastructure. Her work with the Internet Civil Engineering Institute focuses on the development and stewardship of reliable, secure, and open source internet infrastructure software.

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By day, I work as the Chief Security Analyst at Indiana University's Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research. This means that I split my time among a number of projects revolving around securing scientific and infrastructure technologies. Some of these are leading security operations at Open Science Grid, teaching technologists and managers how to think about and do information security from first principles, helping NSF-funded science and infrastructure projects improve their security, and helping to secure a DHS-funded static analysis project called the SWAMP. I sneak in a little of my own research and various attempts to save the world from poor information security practices whenever I can.

I also serve as Hacker-in-Chief of the Internet Civil Engineering Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and securing the common software infrastructure we all depend on. Please donate if you can...a stable, free, and open internet may depend on it.

I'm raising an amazing young mini-hacker, and in my free time, I write, code, research, practice martial arts, lift heavy things, teach backpacking for families trying to include special needs members in their adventures, and volunteer as a search-and-rescue and disaster relief worker. Needless to say, I love the outdoors and may disappear into forests without provocation.