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Susan E. Sons

Susan E. Sons is a passionate and experienced CISO1 and information security leader with experience ranging from tech startups to defense to academic science to private sector research and development environments. She currently serves as Chief Security Analyst at IU’s Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, Deputy Director of ResearchSOC, a lead in the CI CoE Pilot, and Information Security Officer of Open Science Grid. Susan is passionate about software and control systems security, building security programs and teams that enable research and development, and advancing the practice of information security.

Susan’s professional interests include:

  • Securing scientific research, other R&D, and life-critical technologies
  • Turning around projects and organizations that need pervasive information security improvements
  • The security and trustworthiness of internet infrastructure software
  • Building better information security teams and organizations
  • Getting to the heart of information security for a mission…not as a one-size-fits-all dictum

  1. CISO: Chief Information Security Officer ↩︎

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