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You've found me, sort of.

This is a holding place for domains I'm not yet using, and a catalog of work and information I frequently reference.

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...or one of my projects:

  • The Internet Civil Engineering Institute (ICEI), an organization dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the infrastructure software that the internet, UNIX, and Linux depend on.
  • New Guard, an informal mentoring group for early- and mid-career technologists interested in infrastructure software. New Guard can be found in #newguard on irc.freenode.net.
  • The Information Security Practice Principles (ISPPs), a system for working from first principles to make information security better, rather than being a slave to checklists or being out in the cold when the situation is too new for any best practice to exist.
  • Project Dogpound is a blog about being a protector personality.

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Talking about NTPSec and saving the internet