Consulting Information

Note: if you are a school looking for someone to talk to students about tech, this page isn't for you. I love helping young people, and do that for free whenever I can. Just drop me a line at my personal email address and I'll do my best to work with you.

Areas Of Interest

I'm more likely to take consulting work that dovetails well with my existing priorities, namely:

  • The security of critical infrastructure, whether this be ICS/SCADA systems or software controlling physical infrastructure, or the networks and software that make the internet possible.
  • Securing life-critical systems and software.
  • Securing science and research resources.
  • Training the next generation of information security practitioners, and helping those already in our industry learn to adapt their skills to changing technologies and threats.

How To Hire Me

If you aren't sure where to start, email me at sons -at- security -dot- engineering, and we can go from there. Generally, upon receipt of your introductory email, I'll either decline the project outright, or set up a call to go over the details.

The first things I'll want to go over are to establish my interest in the project, to figure out whether it's a good fit for my role at IU's Center for Applied Center for Cybersecurity Research or something I'd need to take on through my place with Jenaraiah Industrial Automation, and to get some idea of scope and complexity.

I'm happy to talk a bit and let you get to know me, or answer specific questions, but please don't ask me to email a copy of my CV or other details you could have found on the page you probably got here from. My primary contact with your organization should speak fluent English so that we can communicate effectively.

If You Have a Start-Up

No, I don't want to be your co-founder. I don't care how awesome your idea is, I have things I need to finish right now that preclude me froim going all-in on building a company from scratch.

I may consider advisor roles, however. I spent a good bit of my career moving between different tech startups, and learned a lot doing it. One of the downsides of being joined at the hip to academia is that it's hard to remain grounded in the economy, and advising a startup or two could give me that. Meanwhile, I've got a great deal of startup experience, a great deal of infosec experience, and a weird amount of experience from totally unrelated fields.

If you want me to consider advising your start-up, go ahead and drop me an email, preferably heavy on details. If I have to watch a video to find out what your startup does, you don't respect my time.